Included packages

  • MEDDLY, for decision diagram support. This has been included with Smart since version 3.4.0.

Packages required

  • gcc and g++, or other C/C++ compiler with support for C++11
  • automake
  • autoconfig
  • libtool
  • flex
  • bison
  • GMP, for very large integer support.

Build Steps

1. Configure


This step is necessary for the first build, and anytime or any changes. The script performs system-specific configuration, and will generate a makefile in directories:

Build directory Purpose
bin-devel/ for development and debugging executables
bin-release/ for production executables

The configuration script will look in a few places for libraries it needs. If it fails to find a library, you can set certain environment variables to help the script:

Environment variable Purpose
GMP_INCLUDE Path containing GMP header files
GMP_LIBRARY Path containing GMP library files

For example, if you built GMP in your home directory, you might use

env GMP_INCLUDE=/home/username/gmp/include GMP_LIBRARY=/home/username/gmp/lib ./Config-all

The following arguments may be passed to the configuration script:

Argument Description
--without-gmp Disables GMP support

2. Switch to one of the build directories

cd bin-devel


cd bin-release

3. Run make


This builds everything. For recent versions of automake, you can use make V=0 for silent builds (just gives a summary), and make V=1 for noisy builds (gives build details).

4. Run tests

make check

This requires automake version 1.12 or higher. Alternatively, you can use

make check-old

which should always work.

5. Run benchmarks (optional)

make bench

This runs timing tests.

6. Install (optional)

make install

This copies binaries into bin/ within the build directory; otherwise they are in src/.